The Power of Video Walls and Digital Signage

Digital signage - If you are going to ask different business owners about the type of advertising that they are using, most of them would answer display advertising. There are different types of display advertising such as print ads, billboards, TV commercials, and online ads. These are the most common forms of display advertising, but you also need to consider digital signage.

video walls - This is comparable to billboards, but it will allow you to display more dynamic display that is comparable to TV commercials. There are different reasons why a business would use billboards and TV commercials, and a digital signage will allow you to take all the advantages, while getting rid of the disadvantages associated with these forms of display advertising.


The main advantage of using billboards for advertising is making your ad more visible to people by creating large displays. You don't have to spend a lot of money for it, because you only have to print an ad once, and pay for the ad space. The problem with it is that the space you have will be very limited. The only thing that you can display are that ones that can be placed on any given space.

TV Commercial

This will allow you to reach a wider range of audience; give you better space or airtime; and make your advertisement more interactive. The problem with it is that you will be spending a lot of money for it, and the more you make your advertisement visible, the higher expenses you need to shoulder. This is the reason why there are only a few businesses that uses TV commercials for advertising.

Digital Signage

If you are going to use a digital signage, you will be using a screen that is at least 32" to 80" big, which is a bit smaller than billboards. However, if you are going to use a digital signage, you will be able to display more content, making it as interactive as TV commercials. You won't be able to reach the audience that TV commercials can, but the amount that you will be spending could be cheaper than maintaining billboards.

Aside from the fact that you will be able to save more money and reach a lot of people, you will also be able to make your advertising more eye-catching, making it more effective for your business. The only thing that you need to do is to make sure that you will be getting a company that will help you choose the best digital signage for your business. Having a reliable company will help you get the most out of your digital signage, and will ensure that your business will get the most out of it.


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